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Eczema is a common itchy skin disease characterized by reddening and vesicle formation, which may lead to weeping and crusting. It is endogenous, or constitutional. There are five main types; atopic, seborrhoeic, discoid, gravitational or varicose.  (Oxford Medical Dictionary).

The most common form is atopic, affecting 5-15% of UK children by the age of seven. Often by teenage years, the eczema will have gone, but these adults may find they still have ‘sensitive’ skin.

Atopic eczema can flare up and then calm down for a time, but the skin tends to be dry and itchy even in-between flare ups, which can be caused by anything from soap and detergents to overheating and rough clothing. Research suggests that both genetic and environmental factors play a part. Eczema can be managed in the follow ways, as there is currently no cure; emollients (topical corticosteroids), creams, ointments and lotions

Source; Adapted from National Eczema Society (UK)

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