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Recombinant DNA is the formation of a novel DNA sequence by the formation of two DNA strands. These are taken from two different organisms. These recombinant DNA molecules can be made with recombinant DNA technology.

The procedure is to cut the DNA of the donor organism into pieces with restriction enzymes, and insert one of these fragments into the DNA of the host. Most of the time a bacterial or virus plasmid is used to insert the donor DNA. A plasmid is a circular DNA fragment, which can be opened with the same restriction enzymes as the DNA fragment of the donor. A plasmid containing DNA from the donor is called a vector. The recombinant vector can then be used to transform bacterial or virus cells. These bacterial cells are plated and colonies are grown.

Key development stages:

  • cutting and pasting pieces of DNA from different genomes using enzymes.
  • techniques used to transfer foreign DNA into new host cells
  • identification of promoters to express foreign DNA

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