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2017-2021 US HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Testing Market
[Report Updated: 30-03-2017]

Published by Venture Planning Group (VPG): 30 Mar 2017 | 76633 | In Stock
Related Topics: Abbott , Blood , Molecular Diagnostics , Public Health , Roche


Complete report ,300.  DataPack (test volumes, sales forecasts, supplier shares) ,500.


This report presents detailed analyses of the AIDS diagnostics market in the US. The report provides test volume and sales forecasts for HIV-1/2/Combo, HIV Ag, NAT, Western Blot and other confirmatory tests performed in the following market segments:

     - Hospitals
     - Commercial/Private Laboratories
     - Blood Banks
     - Physician Offices
     - Public Health Laboratories

In addition to test volume and sales projections, the report presents sales and market share estimates for major suppliers of AIDS tests.


  • Provides scientific views on the definition, epidemiology and etiology of AIDS and other retroviruses.
  • Examines market applications of Molecular Diagnostics, Immunodiagnostics, IT and other emerging technologies.
  • Reviews infectious disease testing analyzers marketed by Abbott, Beckman Coulter/Danaher, bioMerieux, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics/J&J, Roche, Siemens, Tosoh and other suppliers.
  • Profiles leading manufacturers and potential market entrants developing innovative technologies and products.
  • Analyzes alternative market penetration strategies for suppliers.


The report is based on a combination of primary and secondary information sources, including VPGMarketResearch’s proprietary database developed during the course of over 100 syndicated studies and numerous proprietary single-client assignments. The database contains information on companies, technologies, products and executives worldwide. Moreover, a comprehensive review of the product and financial literature, business and technical periodicals, and pertinent industry analyst reports was conducted.

Contains 250 pages and 6 tables

Table of Contents
for 2017-2021 US HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Testing Market [Report Updated: 30-03-2017]

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List Of Tables
in 2017-2021 US HIV/AIDS Diagnostic Testing Market [Report Updated: 30-03-2017]

Competitive Assessments

- Abbott

- Affymetrix

- Beckman Coulter/Danaher

- Becton Dickinson

- bioMerieux

- Bio-Rad

- Cepheid

- Diamedix

- DiaSorin

- Eiken Chemical

- Elitech Group

- Enzo Biochem

- Fujirebio

- Grifols

- Hologic/Gen-Probe

- ID Biomedical/GSK

- Kreatech/Leica

- Lonza

- Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics

- Qiagen

- Roche

- Scienion

- Sequenom

- SeraCare

- Siemens

- Takara Bio

- Thermo Fisher/Life Technology

- Wallac/PE

- Wako

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Venture Planning Group (VPG)

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76633 | VPID22837

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