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Patient-Centricity: Solving the latest pharma puzzle
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Published by FirstWord Pharma: 01 Jul 2013 | 50 | In Stock
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Patients have voices. And they’re making themselves heard. Better informed and aware than ever before, thanks to online websites, forums and research libraries, the empowered patient has become a formidable force to be reckoned with. The question is: how is pharma responding?

Increasingly, the answer has been patient-centric departments within organisations, who have launched everything from awareness/education campaigns and apps to patient support programmes across multiple platforms. Yet, to date, such programs lack the deep background needed to truly access patient input. What’s more, there is no broad consensus on patient-centric practices, nor are there standard operating procedures. That is, until now.

In Patient-Centricity: Solving the latest marketing puzzle, FirstWord gathers the collected wisdom and shared intelligence of industry experts currently engaged in patient affairs. Over six parts, the report explores the myriad unknowns of patient empowerment and provides a critical overview that aims to establish a broad consensus, best practices and insight into how to integrate patient-centricity into the pharma business model.


Patient-Centricity: Solving the latest pharma puzzle answers key questions:

Patient-centric efforts are moving to the forefront of pharma’s interests. In this report, you will discover:

  • How can patient-centric values be demonstrated within pharma?

  • What is needed to create tailored patient-centric marketing campaigns?

  • Which channels are best for leveraging patient marketing campaigns?

  • What is the value of integrating patient insights at the R&D stage of drug development?

  • What is the future of patient-centred initiatives?

  • Highlights

    Key Report Features

  • Insights into first steps in establishing a patient affairs infrastructure

  • Advice on how to realise and incorporate patient-centric values within a company

  • Comparison of comprehensive, patient-centric campaigns versus one-off apps and short term solutions

  • Discussion of how to integrate patient insights and needs into the R&D process

  • Overview of best practices for defining the patient journey and insights, from conducting primary research to communicating the message within an organisation

  • Key Benefits

    Over the past five years, patient empowerment has become one of the most actively discussed topics in pharma marketing. Yet the experience and efforts of organisations attempting to create cohesive patient-centric programmes have not lead to any clear road map for the industry. Patient-Centricity: Solving the latest pharma puzzle offers a clear-eyed analysis of the current state of patient-centricity and a guide for creating consensus. Amongst the benefits, this report will help you to:

  • Understand how to make patient-centricity a central plank to pharma’s business model

  • Devise strategies for creating above-brand patient affairs departments

  • Understand the value of the current ‘trial and error’ nature of patient-centric efforts

  • Develop key steps in developing patient marketing and awareness campaigns

  • Puchase Reasons

    Selected quotes from the report

    “My dream scenario is that every part of the company on their own headcount, on their own resources, appoints a patient champion with whom we can then connect and share as a true network. He or she doesn’t need to report to me. There’s absolutely no reason to. It’s a true matrix.” Dr Lode Dewulf, chief patient affairs officer, UCB

    “The insights that we have already gained and will continue to gain allow us to push those insights into R&D to come up with potentially better solutions at the onset. We have a better picture of what patients want from us and expect from us. That allows our R&D staff to think about the patient much earlier on in development and ultimately will lead to a much better solution for patients in the long run.” John Koconis, president and CEO, LEO Pharma Inc.

    “One of the big issues with patient-centricity is that there is a lot of feedback and a lot of things coming back, but who’s looking at them? And who is in the decision-making role responsible for this? Very often in big companies, you don’t find that role.” Ashok Bhaseen, vice-president of marketing and sales, Pediapharm

    Expert Views

  • Dr Lode Dewulf, chief patient affairs officer, UCB

  • John Koconis, president and CEO, LEO Pharma Inc.

  • Mike Edwards, director of patient relations, insights and stakeholder management at LEO Pharma Inc.

  • Ashok Bhaseen, vice-president marketing and sales at Pediapharm and president of Thyroid Federation International

  • Gary Pelletier, senior director of Pfizer Helpful Answers at Pfizer

  • Anonymous, a senior manager responsible for patient marketing at a leading biotechnology company

  • Linda Bolland, PharmD, MBA, director of drug use policy, supply chain and clinical integration at MaineHealth

  • Matt Hall, CEO of Human Care Systems

  • Dyan Bryson, vice president of patient-enablement services at Indegene Lifesystems
  • Table of Contents
    for Patient-Centricity: Solving the latest pharma puzzle

    • 1.Executive summary

      2.Part One: The patient mandate

      2.1.An altered landscape

      2.2.Playing in a patient-centred ecosystem

      2.3.Government legislation

      2.4.The state of patient-centricity in Pharma

      2.5.The trial and error phase

      2.5.1.The burden of ROI

      2.5.2.Data overload

      2.6.Persistence at a premium

      3.Part Two: Establishing a permanent infrastructure for patient-centricity

      3.1.Par for the course

      3.2.Elevating above brand

      3.3.Selecting an above-brand structure

      3.3.1.UCB patient affairs

      3.3.2.LEO Pharma: PRISM

      3.4.Don’t be a dictator

      3.5.Create internal platforms

      3.6.A graduated understanding of ROI

      4.Part Three: Creating patient-centric drugs

      4.1.Leveraging internal resources to identify patient need

      4.1.2.R&D and marketing

      4.1.3.R&D and PAPs

      4.2.Learning from patients and patient groups

      4.3.Thyroid Federation Internationa

      4.3.1.Best practice one: Don’t try to ingratiate yourself

      4.3.2.Best practice two: Keep the patient’s interest in mind at all times

      4.4.The National Psoriasis Foundation

      4.5.Post-learning design phase

      4.6.Benefits of embracing patient-centricity early on

      4.6.1.FDA approval

      5.Part Four: Defining the patient journey

      5.1.Conduct primary research that counts

      5.1.1.Native environments

      5.1.2.Traditional focus groups

      5.2.Best practice

      5.2.1.Attend the market research

      5.2.2.Follow the insights

      5.2.3.Don’t reduce everything to a matter of cost or side effects

      6.Part Five: Launching patient-centric marketing campaigns

      6.1.Comprehensive, not all-consuming

      6.2.Tailored, not one-size-fits-all

      6.2.1.Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis

      6.3.Apply a cultural filter

      6.4.Keep it simple

      6.5.Distribute via the community

      6.6.Trial and error

      7.Part Six: Conclusion (an open-book approach)

      7.1.Five stages of patient-centricity adoption

      8.Conclusion and best practice

      9.Expert Contributors

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