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Surveying Physician Uptake of Mobile Devices and Apps

Published by FirstWord Pharma: 01 Oct 2012 | 27 | In Stock



The latest medical application software is increasing physicians’ use of mobile technology on a global scale. But how are doctors actually using these devices to support their clinical activities? Which apps, smartphones and tablet devices do they value the most? And how do they expect their use of this technology to change in the next five years?


Report Overview

Now FirstWord provides you with the latest answers to these questions in its exclusive report: Surveying Physician Uptake of Mobile Devices and Apps. This presents the results of an extensive survey, conducted with 1040 physicians in the US, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The detailed report explores physician attitudes towards mobile technologies, and provides you with vital insight into their attitudes and use of this technology in their professional lives.


Key Report Features

  • Key insights from an international poll of 1040 physicians

  • Full written and graphical analysis of poll results

  • Review of the most popular mobile operating systems for physicians

  • Details of the most popular physician apps in different countries

  • Analysis of the ways physicians use Mobile Operating Systems (MOS) professionally

  • Data on the devices and apps physicians recommend to patients

  • Review of devices and apps physicians expect to be most useful in the next five years

  • Puchase Reasons

    Key Benefits

  • Explore physicians’ opinions and use of mobile technology

  • Review the most popular mobile devices and apps for physicians

  • Discover how mobile device use varies in different countries

  • Understand how physicians utilise mobile devices professionally

  • Find out the operating systems physicians employ in their phones

  • Learn which mobile device features physicians value the most

  • Identify what apps physicians recommend to their patients

  • Review expected changes in physicians’ mobile device use in the next five years

  • Recognise opportunities for developing new mobile apps for physicians

  • Who Would Benefit From This Report?

    This report will be of value to directors and managers in both pharma and also in software and mobile device companies with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • New Product Planning

  • Business Development

  • Marketing Management

  • Market Research

  • Strategic Brand Planning

  • Forecasting and Marketing

  • Medical Affairs

  • Relationship Management

  • Key Questions Answered

  • Which mobile technologies are physicians using in clinical practice?

  • How are physicians using tablets differently compared with smartphones?

  • What percentage of physicians use mobile devices to aid diagnosis?

  • What percentage of physicians use devices to aid therapeutic choice?

  • Which medical apps do physicians feel are most useful professionally?

  • Which software should companies focus on developing for physicians?

  • How can companies optimise app development to suit different countries?

  • What technology do physicians expect to have the most impact on clinical practices in five years?

  • The Deliverables

    This FirstWord report contains practical, detailed deliverables in two formats:

  • Detailed Survey Results: a concise summary of the extensive data from this international physician survey, as well as respondents’ specific feedback to each question in the survey.

  • Graphic Polls Results: graphical tables, figures or diagrams illustrating the results of respondents’ answers to each survey question.

  • Selected Report Results

  • Globally, 89 percent of survey respondents have internet-enabled mobile phones

  • Seventy three percent of respondents regularly use mobile devices in their clinical practice

  • Globally, 61 percent of internet-enabled phones owned by respondents are iPhones

  • Apps classified as practice aids are the most popular app type with global respondents
  • Table of Contents
    for Surveying Physician Uptake of Mobile Devices and Apps

    • 1. Executive summary

      2. Introduction

      3. Methodology


      4.Mobile device penetration

      4.1. Do you own or use a mobile phone which can access the internet?

      4.2.Please select the manufacturer of your internet-capable mobile phone or phones

      4.3. Please select the model of mobile phones you own or use

      4.4. Do you own or use an iPad or iPad-like tablet device?

      4.5. Please select the iPad or iPad-like tablet device/ devices you own or use

      4.6. What do you use each of these tools for?

      4.7. Will you use your mobile device more frequently, as often, or less frequently?

      5. App use by physicians

      5.1. Do you use any mobile or tablet device 'Apps' in your professional practice?

      5.2. Do you have any apps written in English on your mobile devices that you use for professional purposes?

      5.3.Do you have any non-English apps on your mobile devices that you use for professional purposes?

      5.4. Roughly how many Apps do you have installed on your devices for the following professional functions?

      5.5. In what percentage of these occasions if any, have you used a mobile App to arrive at a diagnosis?

      5.6. In what percentage of these occasions if any, have you used a mobile App to select a therapy (or therapies) for a patient?

      5.7. What are the top 3 Apps you have found to be MOST useful in your professional practice?

      5.8. Do you recommend health-related mobile apps to your patients?

      5.9. Which specific types of Apps do you recommend to your patients?

      5.10. If you were asked to design an app which one area would it focus on?

      6.Technology use in clinical practice

      6.1. Which mobile information/communication technologies, if any, are you using as a regular part of your clinical practice today?

      6.2. Mobile devices

      6.3. Mobile phones

      6.4. Tablet devices

      6.5. Laptop computers

      6.6. Web-based resources

      6.7. Which one mobile device do you find most useful in your professional practice?

      6.8. Which piece of technology do you think will have the most impact on your clinical practice over the next five years?

      6.9. What makes you select the piece of technology that you believe will have the greatest impact on your clinical practice in the next five years?

      Key Findings

    Additional Details


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