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Patient-Centric Mobile Apps: Key Opportunities and Challenges for Pharma

Patient-Centric Mobile Apps: Key Opportunities and Challenges for Pharma
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Published by FirstWord Pharma: 01 Jul 2015 | 256 | In Stock
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Dozens of new health apps for smartphones and tablets are produced monthly. Hundreds of thousands already exist. What does it take for a patient app to stand out in this crowded space? What are the essential ingredients that differentiate an app for patients…and for pharma?

A well-designed app has the potential to increase the quality and efficiency of healthcare, to empower patients to manage their health better, and to deliver an experience patients will remember. Getting apps right is critical if Pharma is to successfully transform itself into a truly patient-centered business.

Patient-centric Mobile Apps: Key Opportunities and Challenges for Pharma gives you the information you need to understand what patients, healthcare providers and other stakeholders want in a healthcare app — and how a successful one promotes health outcomes and positive customer experiences.

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Answers to Key Questions

  • How can pharma leverage apps to improve relationships with patients?

  • What does it take for healthcare providers to become advocates of your app?

  • What are the essential elements of a successful patient-centric healthcare app?

  • What types of apps are most widely recommended to patients by healthcare providers, and how do these apps augment patient care?

  • Key Issues Explored

  • Capturing and leveraging the real-world data that apps generate

  • Building and managing the 24/7 relationship with customers and patients through apps

  • Critical success factors for patient apps

  • How to measure and demonstrate ROI of patient apps

  • The future of patient apps and pharma’s evolving role

  • Top Takeaways

  • Your next partner could be a tech giant

  • Customer experience is now part of your job description, and you need to ace it

  • Healthcare apps are effectively medical devices and could be at risk for increased regulatory scrutiny

  • Longevity of the patient relationship will drive future app development

  • Learn what the customer needs before designing an app

  • Pharma must keep challenging itself to align communications and engagement strategies with the multichannel options available

  • Expert Contributors

  • Helena Binder, Communications Director, European Patient Panel

  • Michael Bodenstab, Vice President, Healthcare Solutions, Physicians Interactive

  • Neil Chandler, Vice President Commercial Excellence, Daiichi Sankyo

  • Jeremy Dalnes, Worldwide Director, Digital Strategy and Platforms, J&J

  • Flourent Edouard, Vice President, Commercial Excellence, AstraZeneca

  • Leigh Hope, Senior Product Manager, Novo Nordisk

  • Richard Evans, Founding Director, NexGen Healthcare

  • Rod Fernandez-Baca, Business Unit Director, Gilead

  • David Gillen, Head Patient Safety, Celgene

  • Helen Harrison, Digital Director, EMEA, Lilly

  • Dr Roger Henderson, General Practitioner, UK

  • Wills Hughes-Wilson, Chief Patient Access Officer, Sobi

  • Matt Jamieson-Evans, HealthUnlocked

  • Christine Jordens, Business Support Team Leader, Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Bernard Levy, Operations Director, Oncology, Roche

  • Christian Lindknud, Business Manager, Fujirebio

  • Dr Graeme Moyle, Director of Clinical Trials, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

  • Dr Ali Parsa, CEO, Babylon Health

  • Rebecca Reeve, Head of KOL Relationships, UK & Ireland, Sanofi

  • Benjamin Tilly, Multichannel Marketing Lead, UK & Ireland, GSK

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  • Table of Contents
    for Patient-Centric Mobile Apps: Key Opportunities and Challenges for Pharma

    • Content Highlights

      1.The rise of and reasons for health telematics

      1.1.to patient-centric medicine

      1.2.Mobile health is the new normal

      1.3.Patient-centricity is facilitated through smart patients using smartphones

      2.How patients use apps

      2.1.ROI is determined differently between patients and pharma

      2.2.Components, functionality and use: the essential elements of apps

      2.3.Co-creating apps with patients: entrepreneurs and collaboration with organisations

      3.4.CASE STUDY: ManAge

      3.The value of apps for general healthcare providers

      3.1.The consumer patient: health apps

      3 2App use by governmental organisations – public health, epidemiology and resource 3.3economies

      3.4.4App use by patient organisations

      4.How the pharmaceutical industry views apps

      4.1.Strategy, sales tool or service?

      4.2.An early rush to create apps has left mixed opinions about industry’s intentions

      4.3.Longevity of the patient relationship will drive future app development

      5.The use and value of apps by HCPs

      5.1.Digital native or traditional physician: app confidence and use

      5.2.Augmenting patient care with apps

      5.3.CASE STUDY: SERMO – A crowdsourcing app to expedite clinical diagnosis

      6.The future for app development and use

      6.1.Generating real-world data for real-world solutions

      6.2.Regulation: roles of regulatory and medical organisations

      6.3.Competitive collaboration within pharma

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