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Google’s Ambitions in Health

Google’s Ambitions in Health
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Published by FirstWord Pharma: 01 Jan 2015 | 186 | In Stock
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The idea barely existed five years ago, but it certainly does now. Digital healthcare technology has arrived—and it’s getting plenty of attention. In a year when US venture capital funding hit its highest point since 2001, with .3 billion, healthcare funding in 2014 dominated the technology space.

In Google's Ambitions in Health, FirstWord maps the journey of one of the leading technology companies and provides context and insights about other companies also investing in the rapidly evolving field of healthcare technology.

Based on expert interviews, market analysis and up-to-date news and views from the field, the report tracks current moves and strategies of leading healthcare tech giants. Focused on Google, and including insights on Apple, Microsoft and others, this report analyses key partnerships and offers insight into pharma’s future in one of the most dynamic and fast-evolving industries.

As digital healthcare technology finds new and innovative ways to put healthcare into the hands of consumers, key questions remain: what might pharma lose by not getting involved in health technology, and where does pharma go from here?

Puchase Reasons

Key Takeaways

  • Insight into the strategies behind Google’s foray into digital healthcare

  • First hand analysis of how Google is carving out a dominant position in health data and analytics

  • Timely expert views on pharma’s role as an enabler of health data and systems integration and data sharing

  • Breakdown of Google’s key health ventures, including the Calico/AbbVie partnership

  • Access expert knowledge of how pharma can ‘co-create’ the future of digital healthcare

  • Answers to Pressing Questions

  • What does 2015 hold when it comes to ‘co-creating’ healthcare through new partnerships and unconventional alliances?

  • With consumers gaining access to sophisticated diagnostics such as genomics sequencing and wearable devices, what is the future of DIY health?

  • As tech companies increasingly invest in healthcare, where will opportunities arise for pharma? And more importantly, what’s at risk if pharma doesn’t embrace this digital revolution?

  • Where else is Google focusing its energy in healthcare?

  • If Google plans to innovate without a concern for profit, how will this impact pharma?

  • Report Features

  • In-depth expert interviews and research covering the consumerisation of healthcare

  • Four key strategies for building smart digital healthcare partnerships

  • Analysis of Google’s key digital healthcare ventures and where they’re headed, plus insights into Apple’s ambitions in the space

  • Assessments of Google’s European and US investments and ventures

  • Expert insight into DIY Health and its future

  • Expert Contributors

  • Chief Medical Officer, mobile health solutions company

  • Trauma Surgeon/Google Glass Explorer, Medical Center, US

  • CEO at a drug development company, US

  • Director at center for innovation at an EU university

  • Director at an leading pharmaceutical company

  • Head of Epidemiology at a biotech company in France

  • Digital Marketing Manager at a global pharmaceutical company

  • Executive Vice President at a pharmaceutical marketing agency

  • Development manager at a pharmaceutical marketing agency

  • Director of Product Marketing at a clinical research company

  • Chief of Staff at a clinical research company

  • Senior Director of Product at a clinical research company

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    Table of Contents
    for Google’s Ambitions in Health

    • 1.Executive summary

      2.Methodology and objectives

      3.Digital health tech is booming

      3.1.Venture capital funding and healthcare IPOs

      3.2..1 billion in US digital health funding

      3.3.Digital health funding in Europe

      3.4.Map of digital health startups in Europe

      4.Tech giants in healthcare

      4.1.Is the interest of tech giants in healthcare a fad or long-term trend?

      4.2.onsumerisation of healthcare

      4.3.DIY Health

      4.4.Outside expertise brings opportunities for pharma

      4.5.What are the opportunities for pharma from this change?

      5.Google Ventures quadruples health investments

      5.1.Google Ventures invests in Europe

      5.2.Google Ventures portfolio

      6.Google Ventures capitalises on health data and analytics

      6.1.Flatiron Health: largest Google Ventures investment

      6.2.GV companies share valuable data for pharma research

      6,3,23andMe inks data deals with Genentech, Pfizer, and more

      6.4.Foundation Medicine nets billion deal with Roche

      6.5.Google X partners with Biogen Idec in multiple sclerosis

      6.6.Data sharing deals with pharma raise privacy concerns

      6.7.Open APIs and sharing data

      6.8.Are there opportunities for pharma in open APIs and sharing data?

      6.9.FDA draft guidance for general wellness or low risk devices

      7.Google Calico: a separate life sciences company

      7.1.Google X Life Sciences Division separate from Calico

      7.2.Calico’s partnership with AbbVie

      7.3.What are the thoughts on the research Google is doing in life sciences with

      7.4.Calico, and its partnership with AbbVie?

      8.Google Glass and other health interests

      8.1.Google looks to innovate without a concern for profits in the near term.

      8.2.Will this be disruptive to pharma?

      8.3.Going fast and going slow: speed of innovation

      8.4.The tech industry is known for its speed of innovation, and pharma is

      traditionally slow. What are the challenges in partnering?

      9.Apple’s health app and the HealthKit platform

      9.1.What opportunities do you see from Apple HealthKit?

      10.Digital Therapeutics: services versus products

      10.1.How will new technologies help pharma provide services as opposed to products?

      10.2D.o you see pharma developing Digital Therapeutics?

      11. Co-creating the future of health

      11.1.The keys to building successful partnerships

      11.2.A successful alliance: Salesforce and Philips

      11.3.Patients at the centre

      11.4.What are the keys for a successful partnership between pharma and

      technology companies?

      11.5.How do you envision the pharma model changing?


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