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Trends and Innovations in Drug Pricing
[Published by FirstWord Pharma]

Published by FirstWord Pharma: 01 Jan 2015 | 185 | In Stock
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FirstWord’s Trends and Innovations in Drug Pricing report dissects international trends and examines how long-standing dynamics in competitive pricing and access will strengthen the payer position in demanding discounts in return for guaranteed patient access. Up-to-the-minute and based on the most current research and expert interviews, Trends and Innovations in Drug Pricing is an open window to the future of drug pricing.

Worldwide, the trend towards payers determining price has been firmly entrenched for years. Yet in the US, more aggressive approaches to pricing through exclusive deals that swap discounts for patient access are only now gaining traction.

As arrangements like that which saw Gilead Sciences granted exclusive coverage by CVS Health for the premium priced hepatitis C drugs Harvoni (ledipasvir/sofosbuvir) and Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) increasingly become the norm, the pricing landscape is likely to undergo significant change. And as payers focus is on containing costs and ensuring value for money, what is the takeaway message for pharma?

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Get Answers to Important Questions

  • What impact will aggressive pricing measures have on the US, based on EU experience?

  • What lessons can the US market learn from EU experience in areas such as risk-sharing and reference pricing?

  • What impact do current pricing trends have on patient access, public health and cross-border access in the EU?

  • How can pharma companies remain flexible and agile in a payer-dominated market?

  • How is the Solvadi experience impacting US payers and pharma companies?

  • Is differential pricing by indication a feasible option in areas such as oncology?

  • Key Takeaways

  • Analyses of various tools payers are using to exert pressure on drug prices

  • Assessment of critical factors to consider when setting prices that payers can bear

  • Evaluation of the impact Health Technology Assessment is having on drug prices

  • Insights into the rising importance of Value Based Pricing and risk sharing agreements

  • Expert views on payer attitudes towards combination products and high-priced oncologic and orphan drugs

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    Table of Contents
    for Trends and Innovations in Drug Pricing [Published by FirstWord Pharma]

    • 1.Executive Summary

      2.Research Objective and Methodology

      3.Key questions answered in the report


      4.1.Payers tighten their grip

      4.2.Case study 1: How US physicians kicked back against Zaltrap

      5.The US still shapes global pricing

      5.1.Case study 2: the Sovaldi price conundrum

      6.Consolidating price controls in Europe

      6.1.The UK tries to be transparent

      6.2.The UK’s new PPRS scheme

      6.3.HTA interventions

      6.4.Germany’s AMNOG procedure

      6.5.Other European price controls

      6.6.The impact of recession

      6.7.Overview of pricing measures in Europe 2012/2013

      6.8.Where to launch in Europe

      6.9.The importance of sequencing

      6.10.Impact on sequencing

      7.A new emphasis on affordability

      7.1.Case study 3: Soliris - Expensive but worth it

      8.From list to net prices

      8.1.Risk-sharing and reference pricing

      8.2.Endpoints are not the whole outcome

      8.3.Addressing uncertainty

      8.4.Does risk-sharing work?

      8.5.Think about it early

      8.6.Case Study 4 : Pay if you clear

      8.7.Will risk-sharing get more complicated?

      8.8.Problems with risk-sharing

      8.9.Real-world data are the tipping point

      8.10.How confidential is confidential?

      8.11.Relative confidentiality

      8.12.The impact of HTA networks

      9.Value for money in pricing

      10.What are we pricing for?

      10.1.Shift from primary to specialist care

      10.2.Translating cost into price

      10.3.A genuine cure

      10.4.Predictability in budget impact

      10.5.Paying for the benefit now

      10.6.Case study 5: Clearing out the Cancer Drugs Fund

      10.7.Co-payments and affordability

      10.8.Differential pricing and leakage

      10.9.Prices and affordability

      11.New problems, new solutions

      12.Pricing by indication

      13.The Future-where pricing is going now

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