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Branded Generics in South East Asia: Current and Future Opportunities
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Published by FirstWord Pharma: 01 Apr 2012 | 11 | In Stock
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With its fast-growing, young population and projected pharmaceutical sales in excess of billion in 2014, countries in the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) represent a great opportunity for Pharma.

However, with regional marketing practices, uncertain production values of locally manufactured generics and a huge diversity in healthcare delivery across ten nations of varying income levels, there are also great challenges.

Despite the disadvantages large multinationals face, major pharmaceutical companies are diving into the region, focusing on revenue from new chemical entities and developing ‘branded’ generics as key investments.

But given regional dynamics, pro-generic legislation, inconsistent IPR enforcement and local industry protection, what are the factors that the industry can leverage to drive success?


Report Overview

Based on interviews with ten of the region’s most experienced industry experts, Branded Generics in S.E. Asia: Current and Future Opportunities explores why the pharmaceutical industry is focusing on branded generics and new chemical entity (NCE) revenues. Timely and packed with essential details, the report describes the current state-of-play, the future of branded generics and the physician, prescriber and patient dynamics that govern drug dispensing.

By offering insight into the complex forces at work, this comprehensive report provides the critical intelligence necessary for success within the region. Can Big Pharma firmly insert itself into such a vibrant but locally-dominated market? Branded Generics in S.E. Asia: Current and Future Opportunities has the answers.


Key Report Features

  • Insight into why ASEAN markets are difficult for multinationals to penetrate

  • Timely, targeting information on regional dynamics

  • Discussion of ASEAN harmonization, how it is challenging regulatory and manufacturing standards and how that will impact local players

  • The role of government intervention, particularly in pro-generic legislation

  • The impact of local industry protection in creating barriers for multinationals

  • Strategies the industry is employing to take advantage of quality control legislation

  • Overview of regional economics

  • Puchase Reasons

    Who Would Benefit From This Report?

    This report will be of value to senior pharma directors and managers with responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Executive management

  • Licensing/Business development

  • Market research and business intelligence

  • Marketing, category and product management

  • Key account and territory management

  • Emerging market development

  • Regulatory and government affairs

  • Key Questions Answered

  • What are the main challenges facing Big Pharma in South East Asia?

  • How can multinationals effectively gain traction in ASEAN countries?

  • Who is best adapting to regional conditions and how is it being done?

  • What are the conditions favouring local producers?

  • Who are the key decision makers and what are the factors influencing them?

  • How can multinationals adapt to changing government regulation?

  • What is the net benefit of establishing relationships with local companies?

  • Key Benefits

  • Gain insight into the complexity of the ASEAN region

  • Deepen your understanding of the current market situation in South East Asia

  • Find out how pro-generic legislation, local industry protection and manufacturing weaknesses have resulted in a lack of regional leaders

  • Gain insight into why most—but not all—local companies won’t survive ASEAN harmonization

  • Find out how success will be dependent upon quickly adapting to new regulatory standards and marketing the right branded generics to suit regional demographics

  • Receive insight into major commercial opportunities

  • Key quotes

    “What’s important is where the power lies, so when the power lies with the doctor, we have a branded generics kind of a market. When the power lies with the payer, which could be the government, insurance scheme, wholesaler or the pharmacies, then it becomes a more or less an unbranded generics market.” – Manish Bajaj, Senior Director Strategy for Branded Generics Markets, Dr Reddy’s

    “At present the jury is still out. Companies have started launching their branded generic brands but I can't say for sure that success is guaranteed in South East Asia.” – Dr. Suchitra Kataria, former Head of Business Development and In-Licensing - Regional Strategic Development Asia Pacific at Bayer Schering Pharma, Singapore

    “If you really talk about success in terms of 20-25 years... the branded generics market will move to a more unbranded generics market as we have seen in Europe.” – Manish Bajaj, Senior Director Strategy for Branded Generics Markets, Dr Reddy’s

    Expert Views

  • Manish Bajaj, Senior Director Strategy for Branded Generics Markets, Dr Reddy’s, India.

  • Y.S. Chua, ex Business Development Director, Sanofi, Malaysia.

  • Peter Dolinsky, General Manager Medinova Asia, DKSH, Thailand.

  • Dean Edwards, ex VP, Sales, Asia Pacific, IMS Health and Founder Oliver Henry Consulting.

  • Andrew Howden, CEO iNova, Australia.

  • Jason Humphries, Managing Director, Good Pharmaceuticals, Singapore.

  • Dr. Suchitra Kataria, academic at the University of Wales, Singapore campus and previous Head Business Development and In-Licensing - Regional Strategic Development Asia Pacific at Bayer Schering Pharma, Singapore.

  • Peter Keil, VP & Regional Director Asia, Alvogen, Thailand.

  • Andrew Moore, VP Business Development, InnoBio Ventures, Malaysia.

  • Giles Moss, AFT Pharmaceuticals S.E. Asia, Malaysia.
  • Table of Contents
    for Branded Generics in South East Asia: Current and Future Opportunities

    • 1. Executive Summary

      2.South East Asia background

      2.1. The geography and population of the region

      2.2 The economics of the region

      2.3. Populations remain young but lifestyle changes are impacting treatment trends

      3.Defining ‘Branded Generics’

      3.1. Local market structures are complex

      3.2. Most promotion surrounds brands

      3.3. Local marketing practices put international companies at a disadvantage

      3.4. Background summary

      4.What is the situation in 2012

      4.1. Local companies dominate the market

      4.2. Robust growth in generic and branded generics is forecast

      4.3. Decision making starting to shift from physicians and pharmacists to patients

      4.4. A flight to quality is apparent

      5.Multinationals target the branded generic segment

      5.1. The situation in 2012

      6.Drivers of the move to marketing branded generics in South East Asia

      7.1. Slower growth globally

      7.2. ASEAN pharmaceutical harmonization drives quality

      7.3. No dominant regional players

      7.4. Physician and patient attitudes are changing

      7.5. Government intervention

      7.6. Pro generic legislation

      7.7. Inconsistent IP protection

      7.8. Local industry protection

      7.9. Indian market position tainted by quality issues

      7.10. Summary of the drivers of the move to marketing branded generics in South East Asia

      8.The impact of events in 2012 on the future

      8.1. Acquisition of brands to suit branded generic markets

      8.2.Regulatory strategy refinement

      8.3. Multinational - go to market strategy

      8.4. How will 2012 impact the future summary

      9.What are the decisive factors that will determine future success

      9.1. Taking advantage of new quality standards and IP enforcement

      9.2. Speed of local implementation

      9.3. Cultural adjustment within the big multinational companies

      9.4. Creating innovative win-win deals

      9.5. Maintaining flexibility for government intervention

      9.6. What will determine success summary


      11.Appendix 1

      11.1.ASEAN aims and purposes

      11.2.ASEAN fundamental principles

      12.Appendix 2


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