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CRI Reports

CRI is a research and consulting company located in Shanghai, China, focusing on various industries and markets. It regularly produces a variety of market research reports, industry analytical reports publications covering 11 industries. It also provides customized industry research services for initial public offerings, corporate mergers and acquisitions, business development, market launch and financing for clients varying from private companies to the government entities. CRI has formed a series of methods and working ways in collecting data, analyzing facts & polices, establishing models and adapting the market.

Since 2007, CRI has established strategic cooperative relations with many institutions in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, etc. and gained abundant international resources as well as advanced research methods and strategic thinking.

Since 2008, CRI has integrated resources and begun providing investment consultation services for customers based on market research and oriented by international investment and domestic policies.

CRI also provides custom research. Since 2009, CRI has done more than 40 custom research projects serving IPO, corporate mergers and acquisition, business development, market launch, financing, etc. We provide flexible research services at reasonable cost. Our clients vary from private companies to governments.

CRI insists on the principles of independent research to win customers.

In the future, CRI will continue in-depth research on the development trends of Chinese market and even global market. CRI will provide services for customers adhering to the philosophy of high-efficiency, reliability, accuracy and concentration.

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